Athena Enterprises' sourcing team assists you in the procurement of items and services to and from Vietnam. Our sourcing services include:

  • Reviewing and analyzing the investors sourcing requirements
  • Finding and selecting reputable suppliers and manufacturing partners
  • Communicating your specifications and objectives with manufacturers/suppliers
  • Securing competitive bids from suppliers and manufacturers
  • Assisting in coordination of air freight/shipping requirements
  • Assisting with customs, insurance, tariffs, legal and accounting issues and government relations in Vietnam.​

  1. Meat & Seafood
    Meat & Seafood
    chicken, pork, beef, fish, shrimps
  2. Spices
    fresh & dried gingers, cinnamon, star anises, black & white peppers, chilli peppers, garlic, turmeric...
  3. Fruits
    dragon fruits, gac, lychees, mangoes, coconuts, bananas, passion fruits...
  4. Canned food
    Canned food
    peas, baby corns, corn kernels, lychees, jackfruit, peanuts, pickles, carrots, mushrooms...
  1. Furniture
    custom-made, OEM
  2. Apparel & Accessories
    Apparel & Accessories
    clothes, uniforms, socks, gloves
  3. Medicinal Herbs
    Medicinal Herbs
    organically grown herbs and ingredients.
  4. Other Commodities
    Other Commodities
    grains, coffee, salt, oil...